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Extra Large Size 特大剪紙

Extra Large Size 特大剪紙

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The regular size is great for doors, windows and small rooms, but the XL size can really make a big impact in a large space. Create a centrepiece for your livingroom, dining room or shopfront with these jumbo papercuttings.

Limited quantities of XL sized versions are available for all three designs. 

The XL size is twice the length and twice the width of the regular sized papercutting. It is cut in two long pieces, then manually joined together using a strip of paper in matching colour to hide the joint from the front and the back. Design 01 and 02 are delivered folded in half for easier transportation. 

Product dimensions: 

01 Fook & Rabbbits: 550mm x 540mm

02 Chasing A Dream: 550mm x 530mm

03 Red Rabbits: Set of Two, 550 x 190mm each

Packagin Dimensions: 580mm x 300mm x 5mm



特大版剪紙嘅長闊比正常尺寸大兩倍。 由於尺寸較大,特大版由兩張長型剪紙組成,底部以同色紙條手工連接,所以剪紙正面唔會見到接駁,運輸時亦可對摺。


01 福兔: 550mm x 540mm

02 夢裏兔追 : 550mm x 530mm

03 紅兔糖 : 一套共兩張, 各550mm x 190mm

包裝尺寸:580mm x 300mm x 5mm

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