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Hidden Dragon 臥龍

Hidden Dragon 臥龍

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These designs were drawn and cut by hand, then digitised to be reproduced using traditional Chinese red paper, maintaining its authentic texture and unmistakable colour. Part of the charm of this material lies in its small imperfections, variegated colour, and the way it fades over the course of the year. 

A bespoke small-batch laser-cutting process was developed to preserve the integrity of the delicate material. The paper is reinforced with a recycled card backing, made from 80% post-consumer waste, for improved durability.

The Chinese character for Dragon ‘’ originated as a pictogram of the enigmatic mythical creature. Several historical writing systems, whether written on bones, copperware or scrolls, all depict the character in sinuous forms with stylised interpretation of scales, claws or tail. This playful flying dragon is both obscuring and mimicking the form of its own character.



「龍」字係一個象形文字,起源於神秘嘅神話生物。 雖然無人見過佢,但唔同時代、唔同文字系統出現嘅「龍」,不論喺甲骨、銅器或捲軸上,都不約而同係一種有鱗有爪有尾、身體長而卷曲嘅生物! 呢條若隱若現嘅龍形剪紙, 有冇令你聯想到龍字嘅起源?

Product Dimensions: 280x250mm

Packaging Dimensions: 285x285x5mm

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