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Valentine's Day Papercut Card

Valentine's Day Papercut Card

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A romantic Valentine’s Day gift card for the Year of the Rabbit.

The top layer of bunnies uses a delicate pastel pink calligraphy paper with gold flakes. It is reinforced with pink cardstock and mounted onto a double layer of watercolour card with subtle texture. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day 2023’ is digitally inscribed at the back in silver ink.

Each card comes with complementary heart and bunny shaped confetti made from the scraps of each piece of paper used. Add a sprinkle of white and pink confetti to your romantic setting!

Tsaoao Design aspires to reintegrate traditional crafts into the digital age. These papercuttings were first designed by hand, then reproduced using a Cricut blade-cutting machine. The whole product is made and packaged by the designer, Nicholas Tsao, in his home at the Bluehouse.

Photography by Grissom Lam

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