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Year of the Tiger 04 Go Get ‘Em Tiger 虎進甘來

Year of the Tiger 04 Go Get ‘Em Tiger 虎進甘來

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虎進甘來 means ‘At the end of bitterness, comes sweetness’. Tiger () once again stands in for Bitterness (). The second character End () is replaced with a similar sounding Enter () to welcome to arrival of the year of the Tiger.

Tsaoao Design’s products are designed and made in Hong Kong. These papercuttings were composed by hand, then reproduced one-by-one using a Cricut blade-cutting machine. The top surface uses traditional red paper for its authentic texture and unmistakable colour. The card backing is certified recycled paper made from 80% post-consumer waste.

Product dimensions: 275mm x 265mm


Tsaoao Design 旗下產品均為香港本土設計同製造。剪紙作品先以人手裱貼紙張同刀剪設計,再由Cricut裁切機逐張複製圖案,過程包含大量手工製作。作品沿用中式紅紙,保留傳統剪紙藝術品嘅質感同獨特暗紅色調;底紙採用80%循環再造咭紙加強承托力。

產品尺寸:275mm x 265mm

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