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03 Red Rabbits 紅兔糖

03 Red Rabbits 紅兔糖

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When you were young, did you ever wonder whether you’re really supposed to eat that inner sheet of paper on white rabbit sweets? This pair of auspicious phrases plays on the word Rabbit [兔]. They wish for you to stretch your goals and to face the future with a positive attitude.

These papercuttings were drawn and cut by hand, then digitised to be reproduced one-by-one using a Cricut blade-cutting machine. They are made with traditional Chinese red paper, maintaining its authentic texture and unmistakable colour. Part of the charm of this material lies in its small imperfections, variegated colour, and the way it fades over the course of the year.

The traditional red paper is very delicate, so you won’t find it on any mass-produced products. A bespoke process was developed to handle the material in a small-batched production at home. The paper is reinforced with a recycled card backing, made from 80% post-consumer waste, to improve its durability.

Product dimensions: 275mm x 270mm

Packaging dimensions: 285mm x 285mm x 5mm




傳統中式紅紙非常精緻易爛,你唔會喺任何量產嘅產品見到佢。 設計師為咗保留紅紙質感,研發咗一套加工工序,喺屋企小批量製作。每張紅紙都採用80%循環再造咭紙作為底紙加強承托力,保留傳統同時增加耐用性。

產品尺寸: 275mm x 270mm

包裝尺寸:285mm x 285mm x 5mm

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